Founder and CEO

Louie Santiago’s journey as the founder and CEO of Chi Equities LLC is deeply rooted in his Chicago upbringing. Born and raised in the city, Louie has harnessed his intimate knowledge of the local landscape to shape his vision for the company. In 2022, he established Chi Equities with a clear mission—to unite investors and fund properties that offer consistent and immediate returns while providing tenants with safe, clean, and reliable apartment homes.

Before venturing into Chi Equities, Louie had already embarked on a path of entrepreneurship, marked by notable successes. One of his ventures, Budget Refinishers, a bathtub refinishing and resurfacing company founded in 2013, stands as a testament to his business acumen. His goal with Budget Refinishers was simple yet impactful: to provide exceptional service, primarily to multi-family property management companies. The result was immediate profitability, a feat sustained throughout the years.

Louie’s extensive experience in the multifamily sector has significantly shaped his approach at Chi Equities. Firstly, his firsthand experience in dealing with large multifamily management companies has afforded him an in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in running a successful apartment community. His model prioritizes tenant retention, underpinned by top-tier property management and sound financing practices.

Secondly, Louie’s extensive exposure to numerous buildings and diverse neighborhoods across Chicago has bestowed upon him a unique advantage. This insight equips him with the ability to discern and acquire properties that offer both profitability and safety, all while delivering exceptional value to investors and tenants alike.

With this wealth of knowledge at his disposal, Louie has meticulously evaluated hundreds of potential deals for Chi Equities. His unwavering commitment to the well-being of both investors and tenants is evident in his rigorous selection process. If a deal doesn’t align with the core principles of cash flow, safety, and quality, Louie’s resolute stance is clear—let it go. His dedication to providing safe, clean, and profitable housing options remains unwavering, defining the ethos of Chi Equities as a trusted real estate investment partner.